Friday, January 4, 2013

mm it feels good to work...

That's what Lawana said when I got to N street this morning. It nicely shot down the profound idea I thought up last night where I was telling Hannah that I wished the week was Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and then then again, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. One day of work = two days of rest. 

Lawana has been out of work for more than a year and as our team celebrated a final round interview for one of our team mates, she kept saying-it feels good to work, don't it. It just feels good.

Work gives us dignity. In the handful of jobs I have had in my 25 years, I have experience sentiments of excitement, joy, boredom, and angst--yet, it is gratitude that shifts everything. It is gratitude for x, y, z that gives me dignity. When I have gratitude, I know my work is enough. I spend less time wander lusting (not that there is anything wrong with daydreaming), but I never want my dreams of tomorrow to steal the joys of today.  

Gratitude says thank you every chance she gets. Gratitude makes friends with all types of people--young and old, men and women, Muslim and Jew. She is not impressed with climbing the corporate ladder. She is not afraid to be repetitive. She is not afraid to speak up when she has a cold. She makes all sorts of ummm's and yumm's when she tries new food. She holds her tea cup extra tight in November to feel the warmth and soak in the aroma of the rooibos chai. Gratitude teaches us that we are enough and what we have is enough. That God is enough. (My take on J Ruth Gendler's book of qualities)

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