Monday, March 18, 2013

To Don't List

In the spirit of this darling post, which is based off Shawna Niequists' thoughts in her book "Bittersweet" (I have yet to read, although I did love "Cold Tangerines" which I borrowed from a friend, immediately lost on an airplane, and then casually replaced), I have put together my own "To Don't List" otherwise titled "What I have tried and will not choose to try again or pretend to know anything about"....meaning "Please don't ask me to."

  • Fashion - I don't think I really understand fashion or what's in or how to dress for my body.  But, I try to like what I wear.  And, I try to like my body. 
  • Direct quotes or funny stories - I can't quote the movie we just saw word for word, but I can tell you the theme. And, my stories will probably end up with me rambling and no punchline whatsoever. 
  • Large groups of people - I just would rather be having coffee with one person. Maybe two. 
  • Being on time - Okay. I have worked on this. But, please understand that I would much rather exist in the movement and rhythm of the day, and if that means I'm a few minutes late for something, I'm okay with it. 
  • Having a green thumb - This one is hard to admit, because I want to be a gardener so badly. But, as it stands, I have only one living plant (there were many others to start, believe me) and that lavender pot is probably living despite me. 

The thing about all of these is that they may change.  We're always becoming.  But, if they don't, it's absolutely okay. Heck, it probably makes me more myself.  And, that's the only self I've got. 

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